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Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes is narrated by Mordenkainena wizard originally created by Gary Gygax for his World of Greyhawk campaign. In FebruaryMordenkainen's Tome of Foes was announced. The book was published on May 29, If you weren't paranoid about other characters before, you should be now! Bleeding Cool gave a positive review, appreciating the addition of sub-races to Tieflings and details on conflict within Elf and Gith society, also allowing Gith PCs to become a viable option. The score was lowered due to the lack of a PDF version that didn't rely on a third-party app, and for reusing verbatim much material from previous editions.

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It has lots of great information about the different playable species of the game, their pantheons of good and evil gods, and solid explanations for how those gods impact the long and short term lives of those species.

And that, for me, is the other hand: Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes feels like a book you need to build your campaign around. The former is a rules expansion and clarification that helps to build out the interactions of any campaign, and the latter is a book of monsters that any party could come upon during any given romp through the world.

They are books that are grounded in the dusty roads and dirty swords of fantasy tabletop campaigns, and they slot easily into the workflow that I have to make those kinds of adventures feel good. Rob Hudak, for SLUG Magazinewrote that " Tome of Foes has little mechanical application for most players outside of the additional playable races, save for probably the most important facet in all role-playing games—inspiration.

There are a couple sections of the bestiary that feel slightly recycled, namely the demon and devil lord stat blocks. When flipping through dozens of new monstrosities on display, I become giddy with anticipation for the countless opportunities to terrify and captivate my players".

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oblex dnd 5e

Redirected from Oblex. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Cover. Retrieved Origins Game Fair. Paste Magazine. SLUG Magazine. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Human 2nd edition monsters Archdevils Demon lords Greyhawk deities. Conan Unchained!

oblex dnd 5e

Dragon Dungeon. Categories : books Forgotten Realms sourcebooks.Slimefolk are gelatinous, usually humanoid creatures that are often confused with other more hazardous oozes such as the bane of all adventuring parties, the oblex [1]. These sentient and otherwise harmless slimy humanoids display greater intelligence than other oozes capable of the speech, cunning and insight that other humanoid races possess. Slimefolk are entirely composed of a gelatinous substance, that takes on a roughly humanoid form.

Unfortunately for non-slimefolk, they have the ability to change this rough form with relative ease. As such, it can be very hard to keep track of the same slimefolk for more than a few days. It is known that the intelligence of a slimefolk is said to govern the accuracy of their humanoid form. A slimefolk with 10 Intelligence for example might be rough, slimy and not quite look right, whereas a slimefolk wizard with 20 Intelligence may look exactly like any human but with smooth, semi-transparent, colored skin.

Slimefolk are colored differently depending on the environment they spend the most time in. Slimefolk born near the sea or lakes and rivers tend towards a blue hue, while those from hotter, dryer climates tint red or pink.

Forests and swamps turn them a dark green while mountains and cold climates give them a white hue. While a slimefolk's color is initially hereditary, their color changes depending on the area they have spent the most amount of time in and may slowly change depending on their current environment.

Slimefolk are able to grow in size when absorbing water, mainly through their arms or by drinking it. But falling into a body of water dilutes and greatly weaken them. It is said that exposure to large bodies like lakes or rivers could be fatal or at the very least be dangerous to the slime.

When they grow in this way they have very little control over their slime. However, they don't grow more than a few feet taller and never leave the Medium creature size category. Due to slimefolk being exceedingly water-based, they react poorly to the effects of Extreme Heat [2].

Even those that make their homes in arid lands like deserts spend most their time underground, only coming out in the cool of the night. A slimefolk reproduces by merging with another slimefolk, in a very literal sense. Normally the slimefolk's involved ingest vast amounts of liquid until they reach their maximum size, normally about as big as a goliath. The slimefolk then join together, fusing their minds and body, taking in and sharing their memories with their partner until they break apart, a process that takes a week, the slimefolk congealing together in a large blob that some may mistake as a water weird or a gelatinous cube.

Once complete the two slimes break into three, the two original slimes returning to their original state and a third that is their offspring. The two slimes are significantly smaller at this point. At the time of completion, this offspring resembles an ooze-like ball with the coloration of one or both of their parents.

D&D 5th Edition

This ball slowly begins to move around, eating and acting as most unaligned oozes do, consuming things and breaking down objects. Interestingly, the slime may be observed doing simple things, reminiscent of one of their parents, like showing a particular taste for one type of mineral they enjoyed to eat or taking on minor characteristics of their parents favored molds like a hair shape. This is attributed to the sharing of memories between the parent slimefolk during reproduction.Free Resources on Roll All rights reserved.

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Each new jelly has Hit Points equal to half the original jelly's, rounded down. New jellies are one size smaller than the original jelly. Show Attribute List. Blindsight 60 Ft. Blind Beyond This Radius.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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When an oblex causes a target to become memory drained, the oblex learns all the languages the target knows and gains all its proficiencies, except any saving throw proficiencies. It doesn't state that it learns the spells known or prepared by a caster, so it doesn't.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. If an Oblex devours a wizard's memories, can it cast the spells the wizard had prepared? Ask Question. Asked 6 months ago. Active 6 months ago. Viewed times.

Could it cast spells which were prepared by this wizard? Ohar Ohar 4, 14 14 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges.

oblex dnd 5e

Active Oldest Votes. Purple Monkey Purple Monkey It "eats" the memories, not absorbs them and learns every single thing the character knows. As I stated, the stat block tells you exactly what the ability does, learning spells isn't one of them. It's spellcasting ability is innate and doesn't grant it any. But mechanically speaking, it is innate as in, built into the class and not granted by outside, generic rules and mechanic. The distinction betweeen the flavour eats memory and the mechanic gains its proficiencies and saving throws.

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An early fan favorite is the Oblex, an ooze-like creature that can absorb a person's memories and then create a duplicate of that person tethered to the Oblex by a small cord of ooze.

Now, we get to add something to their list -- the Oblex. While oozes are typically mindless blobs that slowly slink around dungeons and consume mindless prey, the oblex can absorb the thoughts and memories of a person they attack. When an elder Oblex consumes enough memories, it creates Oblex Spawn His old player character appears as a mohawked and tattooed dwarf. We know that we can't wait to terrorize our PCs with a village taken over by an Oblex.

You can purchase Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes from hobby stores today.

Dungeons & Dragons Introduces a New Scary Foe in The Oblex

The book will be released on Amazon and other mass retailers later this month. Remember me on this device Login. Register - Forgot Password. Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Gaming Arrow. Games Arrow. Systems Arrow. Community Arrow. Search Search Close Search. Start the Conversation.But more on that below.

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They also have 60 feet of blindsight, meaning that even when they take an apparently humanoid form, they have eyes in the back of their heads, figuratively speaking, and can zero in on their victims even in absolute darkness. Nighttime suits them, as do subterranean environments.

oblex dnd 5e

Finally, they all have Aversion to Fire and immunity to several debilitating conditions, four of which are fairly self-evident based on their oozy nature the charmed condition is the fifth. The oblex spawn is the simplest and weakest form of the oblex, produced when a greater oblex becomes too full of memories and needs to shed a few.

Instead, their goal is to avoid engagement and get someplace safe where they can grow, as quickly as they can manage. If an enemy does engage an oblex spawn in melee, it will fight back, whomping the meddler with a pseudopod—but not if its attacker does fire damage to it. Even a single point of fire damage will prompt the oblex spawn to Dash away, as will being moderately wounded reduced to 12 hp or fewer. It possesses extraordinary Dexterity and Intelligence and very high Constitution and Charisma.

D&D S2E3 - The Church of OBLEX

Given a choice between, say, a character with Intelligence 18 and Wisdom 14 and one with Intelligence 16 and Wisdom 10, an adult oblex will weigh the risk against the reward and may prefer the latter.

On the flip side, a target must have an Intelligence of at least, say, 14 to be of any interest to the oblex at all. The oblex is like Sun Zi: what it wants is not to fight but to win without fighting.

New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Monster Created by Make-A-Wish Recipient

To this end, it has the Sulfurous Impersonation feature, plus four magic spells in its repertoire:. If Deception fails and the PCs start to get suspicious, it falls back on charm person to keep them in line. From this point on, the oblex has one hour to get what it came for.

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On the one hand, we can posit that the slime is translucent, making it harder to see. But this is going to give any PC with a good passive Perception score, especially one proficient in that ability or with the Observant feat, a strong chance of noticing the slime-tether right away.

Yet the feature also discusses the effects of multiple uses of the Eat Memories action. So the second paragraph must, I think, be discussing the effects of being memory drained once each by more than one oblex. Each oblex, however, is sated after using Eat Memories just once. At that point, it would like to leave. Oddly enough, since no damage is inflicted on a successful saving throw, a target who makes his or her save against Eat Memories remains charmed!Hey all, sorry for the hilariously late post; it's been a hectic week while we've been finishing up things on Patreon.

This is pretty cool, although you can fairly easily gain proficiency in literally every single skill and armor - something that'd normally require extreme multiclassing and feats. Frankly, I think the fact that you gain the memories and languages of the creature alone is already powerful enough - you can EASILY take over the world with this kind of power, just by becoming powerful figures and knowing all they would.

Also, how does the skill proficiency feature work with creatures that have their proficiency bonus doubled for skills? For PCs, there's the Expertise feature doing this, but for monsters such as the Archmagesome of them just have doubled proficiency in a skill without a trait of any sort influencing it. A lowlevel nobody wont serve you too well, and by the time you can do this to the higher level people, it almost wont matter except in campaign wrap up stuff.

Not really anyway. But thats just my hot take, to each their own. Asskicking is one thing, but what stops you from just assassinating somebody influential and taking their place? Warlocks already make good infiltrators and this one is the pinnacle of it. There's absolutely no need to use this ability in open combat. Ya, you can be proficient, but your stats are not going to reflect true talent and skill in those skills.

Not to mention that someone may be able to suss you out by the smell of sulfer or when you suddenly don't act and behave right. You have their memories and shape, it says nothing about their behaviors, their ticks, the mannerisms in which they speak.

As a DM I would rule that basic things would get an easy pass. Take 20 bud. Same with people who don't know the person you've absorbed. But if you are trying to fool a close confidant or someone who may have extensive knowledge of Oblex, then you have to make a Performance check, possibly at disadvantage.

Not to mention that a person, as I say, may have knowledge of what you are and expose you. All that said and aside, it would make for some interesting RP and gameplay, and I'd love to hear how characters get around some of these flaws in an otherwise perfect disguise. Performance with Disadvantage may not be quite as proper for the Oblex; one better is giving Advantage on Insight for the character discerning whether the Oblex is fake.

The thing with making Insight have Advantage would be a more subconscious reaction for feeling there being something off with the pattern of when those quirks do appear. Aside from a very Observant character, others may just overlook those inconsistencies, passing things off as imagining it. So when when someone who does know that person more extensively comes to feel there is something amiss, they will be more sctrutenous over inconsistencies; hence the reasoning I lay forth.

Oof, thus is concerning a Warlock Patron? My bad.